Hot Radio Vinyl Centric 27th September 2018

Pt 1

Pt 2

Broadcast on Hot Radio and on FM 102.8 on 27th September 2018

Host Elle P continues her journey through music & vinyl love and selects a variety of brand new and re released tracks available for you to buy from around the globe, on glorious Vinyl !!

  1. Robby & Stupid Flash – Stargazer 12″-La Dynamiterie Records
  2. Nu Guinea- World EP 12″- Nu World (vocal edit)
    Tartlet Records
  3. The Patchouli Brothers – He Wonders 12″- Whiskey Disco Records
  4. HVL- Ostati LP- Under Libra- Organic Analogue Records          Vinyl Mix from Lo Key Collective (25mins)
  5. Joe Smooth – Promised Land (freestyle mix ) 12″-  Trax Records