Hot Radio Vinyl Centric 7th June 2018

Broadcast on Hot Radio and on FM 102.8 on 7th June 2018

Host Elle P continues her journey through music & vinyl love -airing a few new releases but also turns her attention to an event in her local area ‘Africa comes to Bournemouth’. With music from and influenced by the continent of Africa and words and music from Africa Seven Records.


1. Quantic ‎–  Fresh Rythem – 45”  (LTD)- Breaking Bread Records

2. Bus Driver- Electricity is on our Side LP – Right before the Miracle- Temporary Whatever

3. Children of Zeus- Travel Light LP- All on You- First World Records (out 13th July)

4. Kamaal Williams -The Return LP- High Roller

5. Brasil Edits- Purity 12″- Adesse Versions

Check out flip side Black Anchor track  -remix of Bjork’s Anchor Song

6. Wax Doctor- Heat  12′ Reissue– R&S  Records   

7. DJ Lilocox- Paz & Amor 12″- Principle Records

8. Charly Kingson- Born In Africa LP- Nimele Bolo- Africa Seven

Words from Africa Seven Label Manager- Rich Elson

9. Pasteur Lappe- Na Man Pass Man LP- Na Real Sekele Fo’ Ya- Africa Seven

10. Femi Kuti & the Positive Force- One People, One World LP- One People, One World- Knitting Factory Records (live performance version played)

11. Mike Steva- Oro 12″- Yoruba Records

Watch out for  Birds Of Paradise 12″ Released 21st June